2014 Gear Swap

2014 Gear Swap

At the Palouse Ice Rink on Friday, Sept. 5,  6:45 PM - 8:30 PM and Saturday, Sept. 6,  9:00 AM - Noon

Consignment Gear Drop-Off:  Thursday, Sept. 4, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM and Friday Sept. 5, 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Dowload Forms:

Thanks for offering your items for sale in PYHA’s Gear Swap. Reselling your used and unwanted equipment may help other families get their children’s hockey experience started at a reasonable cost.

Gear Swap Consignment Instructions

Gather new or used hockey equipment that is safe and in good working condition that you would like to sell on consignment at or donate to the PYHA Gear Swap.  Launder or clean equipment as well as possible to receive the best price for your equipment. Print out the current year’s inventory form and for each item fill in one line of the form with the information requested including a General Description, Make/Model, Size, Color, Asking Price, and preference for item If Doesn’t Sell (Return (R) or Donate (D)).  Provide enough information so that if a label is lost from your gear that we will still be able to identify it and give you credit for its sale or allow for its return, if you prefer it.  If you would like to number your gear with masking or hockey tape to match your list it will make check-in at the swap go more quickly but volunteers will have tags on hand to label your items.

Pricing items for PYHA consignment share

PYHA will collect a portion of the cost of the item you price to support its programs. For items up to $9 there will be a set $1.00 fee.   For items starting at $10 you will be charged a set consignment fee for each price range. You may incorporate this amount into the total asking price and make calculations easy for our volunteers. Please see table below for easy pricing including consignment share. If you are donating your item with proceeds going to PYHA, please let our volunteers know so the tag can be labeled appropriately.

Your Price

PYHA Consignment Fee

Pricing total

$1.00 - $9.00


$2.00 -$10.00

$10.00 - $19.00


$12.00 - $21.00

$20.00 - $29.00


$23.00 - $32.00

$30.00 - $39.00


$34.00 - $43.00

$50.00 - $59.00


$56.00 - $65.00







Pricing items for sale

You know what you have paid for the equipment and are the best judge of its current worth. Some players will know the value of specific high-end merchandise and will willingly pay your asking price.  Other people/parents who come to the Gear Swap are just breaking into hockey and are usually looking to acquire gear at a reasonable cost.  You may write original cost of the item on a piece of tape or the tag to help justify the asking price and you may indicate on your inventory form if you are willing to accept a lower price.

If the Item Doesn’t Sell

 We wish to honor your request to return or donate your unsold items. Please provide your best contact phone number at the top of the inventory form and indicate your preference to Return (R) or Donate (D) each item listed on your inventory in the designated column.  We will call you as soon after the sale as possible to let you know that there are unsold items to be returned.  Donated items will go to the Hockey Cellar to be made available to their customers. 

Please contact Joanne Tirocke  with any questions at nocitymouse@yahoo.com or at 208.301.0443.

Sample inventory sheet follows.


Thank you for your support of Palouse Youth Hockey!